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Treetops Homes UK Limited was established in 2021 with a simple goal - to provide effective child and family services. Our core values encompass qualities that represent our company culture.


Our core values encompass qualities

that represent our company culture

Treetops Homes UK Limited is committed to providing outstanding care for children and young people. We believe every child has the right to feel seen, feel heard, and know that they are cared for. We believe that by creating safe and nurturing environments and providing personalised care and support, young people can thrive and be helped to realise their potential.

Ours is a trauma – informed approach, we know that children in our care are likely to have experienced adverse childhood experiences, suffered significant harm and be affected by developmental trauma. These experiences will have shaped their experience of themselves, carers – past, present, and future, and their emotional and behavioural presentation.

Our services will offer the care and support children and young people need to develop the resilience they will need to adapt and thrive.

Driven By Empathy We Provide Extraordinary Care And Support For Children